Polskie Imperium Słowiańskie według map Stanisława Wendekera z 1939 r. i Konfederacji Narodu z 1941 r. /The Polish Slavonic Empire according to the Maps of Stanisław Wendeker of 1939 and the Confederation of the Nation of 1941/

Piotr Eberhardt


The introductory part of the article presents the history and the ideology of the Polish pan-Slavic movement. This movement did not play such an important role as the Russian or the Czech pan-Slavism, but it also had the followers among the Polish political activists. An integral part of the article is constituted by two maps, on which the potential boundaries are depicted of the proposed Polish Slavonic empire. The first of these maps, authored by Stanisław Wendeker, was elaborated in 1939, just before the outbreak of the War World II. The second map, of collective authorship, was designed in 1941 by the activists of the clandestine organisation, which used the name of Confederation of the Nation. The paper contains the critical analysis and the assessment of these two forgotten, but highly interesting cartographic renditions, documenting the convictions and perspectives of the Polish pan-Slavists.

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