Wpływ geografi cznego, społecznego i ekonomicznego środowiska Afryki Wschodniej na omański model osadnictwa w latach 1806–1856

Sebastian Żbik


The present article analyses the impact of different East African geographical, social and economic conditions on the settlement model of the Omani in this area in 1806–1856. The article indicates that the Oman settlement model has undergone significant changes, including the appearance of new forms of settlement, a change in building material, and the adoption of solutions practiced by African cultures. On the other hand, however, many important elements, such as the architecture and tribal settlement structure, were transferred to East Africa.

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Oman; Zanzibar; Afryka Wschodnia; osadnictwo; plantacje goździków; architektura; geografia; Suahili; handel; XIX wiek

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