Z problematyki kartograficznej wizualizacji danych historycznych na przykładzie zachodniogalicyjskich cmentarzy wojennych /Cartographic Visualisation of Historical Data on the Example of the Western Galicia War Cemeteries/

Kamil Nieścioruk


The paper describes problems typically plaguing editors of maps showing the past. Some of these problems belong to the domain of historical research solely and, as such, can be solved using methods well-known in the field of history. The other group of problems are strictly cartographic or cartographic, but resulting from the specific character of the historical subject. The present methodological deliberations have been carried out on the example of an interesting case of the Great War cemeteries in the Polish Beskidy mountains. These may be helpful for creating maps merging together uncertain and incomplete data from the past, based on one source with a broader historical context. The final map presents results of historical research, joining them with modern spatial databases, which – when used properly – increase the visual quality of the map and the efficiency of transmission of the historical content.

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